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Shenyang Dong Yi Xin is one will be introduced in China in line with international standards of experimental design concepts to create the world's most sophisticated modern laboratory equipment: stainless steel test tube rack, stainless steel centrifuge tube, aluminum micro-centrifuge tube rack, stainless steel test tube baskets, stainless steel washThe net basket, stainless steel Petri dish carrier frame, stainless steel Bottle brackets, stainless steel funnel rack, stainless steel test white squirrel cage cover, the staining rack, marble Taiwan drops top units, breathable silicone plugs, foam silicone stoppers. . . . . . Products such as integrated company. 
Provided by the laboratory products throughout many areas of life sciences, food safety, the IVA, environmental protection, chemical analysis and molecular biological detection. 
East Yi Xin is committed to provide cost-effective products and services for the majority of scientists, has won the praise of many customers at home and abroad. East Yi Xin will actively participate in international and domestic competition in the market, development and cooperation, and continuously explore new ideas, seek new development, respectively, will be set up at home and abroad brands of products, joint marketing and distribution network. 
East Yi Xin consistent corporate reputation to the highest quality products, reasonable price, perfect service, the most complete product specifications sincere welcome to the world off!
Product or service All equipment for laboratory use; all instruments for laboratory use; all consumables for laboratory use; instrumentation;
Main industries Laboratory ware other biological instruments and other experimental instruments and equipment to other measuring tools other specialized instruments and other unclassified
Operating mode Production and processing
The registered capital RMB 2,000,000
Company established 1996 Years
Type of business Limited liability company
Place of incorporation Shenyang city, Liaoning province
Alibaba Site http://cuidh88.cn.alibaba.com
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